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IT Consulting Services for Unix and Linux Systems

Is Your Business...

  • New to the Unix or Linux operating systems
  • Only requiring a part time IT person
  • Needing additional resources on temporary basis to meet deadlines
  • Looking for Unix expertise to complement existing staff experience
  • Requiring from time to time e-support or phone support, for peace of mind support

    ...looking for Unix/Linux expertise?

    PCS provides innovative solutions for businesses using Unix and Linux operating systems primarily located in Southern Ontario, Canada. We provide services on a "as needed" basis, at a fraction of the cost of developing appropriate resources in-house. We are available for onsite or via internet for support and software development. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

    Services include

System Administration

In addition to the usual on going System Administration duties of user account setup, setting up backups, system configuration, installing printers and maintenance, PCS also provides shell scripting, programming and support for new hardware and software. If you are new to Unix/Linux, we can assist you in the set up and train your staff on how to perform all the necessary system administration duties.

Networking and Security

PCS implements secure networks with Unix/ Linux on the corporate network used as a file, printer, application server, as well as an Internet gateway, firewall, web, ftp, email and DNS server. We provide interoperability solutions that allow Linux to co-exist with Netware, Windows, NT and other Unix systems.

Migration to Open Systems and System Integration

With over 15 years IT Unix and network experience, we can support your systems in migrating to Unix/Linux, connect unlike systems or develop applications to do tasks currently done by hand. We will integrate your existing commercial software and systems to allow Linux to coexist with your current environment without sacrificing functionality.

Custom Software Development

With PCS's extensive Unix/Linux expertise coupled with our ability to provide custom software, we can answer your company's toughest problem and improve your botton line. PCS develops custom software to connect unlike systems, migrate traditional software applications to the Unix/Linux platform and develop applications to do tasks that were once done by hand. These are just a few ways your company can benefit from custom programming.

Our main areas of expertise

Infrastructure Software: SCO UnixWare, Linux, Apache Web Server, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and many other major version of UNIX. Microsoft Windows 3.x,95,98 NT.

Networking and Security: DHCP,DNS (Domain Name System),EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Firewall, HTTP, SMTP, TCP/IP and VPN (Virtual Private Network), LAN, WAN, Security routers, Hubs, MMDF, Windows 95/98 networking and Vision FS Administration.

Software Development: C Programming Language, C++, Unix Shell Scripting, (Korn Shell, Bourne), awk, COBOL, Fortran, HTML, LabVIEW and SQL.